Year 7 Homework resource – all subjects


  • School – Flint High School
  • Age – KS3
  • Language – All Subjects
  • Length of activity – 7+ hour
  • Title of resource – Year 7 Homework resource – all subjects
  • AOLE –  Language, literacy and communication
  • AOLE subsidiary – ALL

Interactive homework booklet covering all subjects at Key Stage 3 for Year 7. All subjects have a literacy and numeracy activity, spellings and a follow-up subject-specific activity. It can be uploaded to any Classroom, Teams or VLE platform and made editable. Self-marking questions can be devised for spellings and understanding of the reading activity.

Cross Curricular


  • Developing vocabulary,
  • Reading strategies,
  • Understanding, response and analysis,
  • Vocabulary, spelling, grammar


  • Numeracy,
  • Calculation,
  • Shape and space


  • Identity, image and reputation


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