What is the evidence for climate change?

School – Ysgol Friars, Gwynedd
Age– Year 10 and Year 11
Language – English
Time needed to complete the tasks: 1-3  hours
Title of the resource – Theme 5: What is the evidence for climate change?

Description of the resource

This power point presentation includes information on climate change and the nature of glacial and inter-glacial periods. It also has sections on the processes that link flows and stores in the carbon cycle, the greenhouse effects and volcanic activity.  Learners are encouraged to respond to video links and a range of images and data.  Attention is given to developing learners’ examination technique as they interpret questions, read model answers and marking schemes before developing their own written answers.  Some slides include audio hints.  The author notes that the resource has been modified so that it can be delivered as a stand alone unit of work or have a non- specialist try to deliver it. Students work at a slower rate when at home so anticipated coverage would be 4 lessons of 50 mins each.


GCSE Course

Geography Higher and Foundation


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What is the evidence for climate change?