The Science of Music

School – Ysgol Glan Aber
Age – Year 3-6
Language – English
Length of activity – 4-6 hours
Title of resource – The Science of Music
AOLE 1 Celfyddydau mynegiannol / Expressive arts
AOLE 2 Gwyddoniaeth a thechnoleg / Science and technology

Description including blended learning activities

A short topic based around exploring aspect of listening and responding to music. It encourages the development of expressive art skills and helps pupils explore the science of sound.

Cross curricular skills


Gwrando am ystyr / Listening for meaning
Gwrando i ddeall / Listening to understand
Deall, ymateb a dadansoddi / Understanding, response and analysis


Y system rif /The number system
Perthnasoedd yn y system rif / Relationships within the number system

Digital Competency

Cyrchu, chwilio a chynllunio cynnwys digidol / Sourcing, searching and planning digital content
Creu cynnwys digidol / Creating digital content
Gwerthuso a gwella cynnwys digidol / Evaluating and improving digital content


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The science of music