Rise of the Year 8 Tomb Raider


  • School – Castell Alun High School
  • Age – KS3
  • Language – English
  • Length of activity – 4-6 hours
  • Title of resource – Rise of the Year 8 Tomb Raider
  • AOLE – Ieithoedd, llythrennedd a chyfathrebu / Language, literacy and communication
  • Secondary AOLE – Gwyddoniaeth a thechnoleg / Science and technology
  • Secondary AOLE – Humanities

This resource is designed to consolidate and support pupils’ understanding and enjoyment of the survival and disaster unit we teach as part of our curriculum. In order to engage and motivate pupils learning from home, it has numerous activities which children can follow independently and with very few additional resources required eg, match-up, feature spotting, code breakers, language analysis, reading comprehension, extended writing pieces and access to the internet for research. The activities have been designed to fuel imagination and introduce them to ambitious vocabulary. There are activities that emphasise the importance of cross-curricular learning, from history to ICT.

Cross Curricular Skills


  • Developing vocabulary
  • Reading strategies
  • Understanding, response and analysis
  • Clarity and vocabulary
  • Purpose
  • Questioning
  • Planning and organising for different purposes, audiences and context/,
  • Proofreading, editing and improving


  • Logical reasoning
  • Strategic competence
  • Communicating with symbols
  • Calculation
  • Angle
  • Collecting data


  • Creating digital content
  • Problem solving and modelling
  • Data and information literacy
"TombRaider 2015-06-28 03-23-37-75" by ApoKrytia is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0