Re-use / Upcycling

School – Ysgol Rhiwabon

Age – KS3

Language – English

Length of activity – 1 hour

AOLE – Gwyddoniaeth a thechnoleg / Science and technology

Secondary AOLE – Iechyd a lles / Health and wellbeing


Description including blended learning activities

The reuse lesson  was aimed at years 7, 8 and 9. This is a practical lesson that can be done at home using materials that would normally be placed in the recycling box, a pair of scissors and some tape. As well as creating a useful product the pupils will gain an understanding of reuse and how this links into the 6’rs and sustainability.  This lesson could be integrated with other lessons covering the various aspects of sustainability and the 6r’s.

Cross Curricular

–      Literacy

o    Gwrando am ystyr / Listening for meaning,

o    Datblygu geirfa / Developing vocabulary,

o    Gwrando i ddeall / Listening to understand

–      Numeracy

o    Rhifedd / Numeracy

–      Digital

o    Hunaniaeth, delwedd ac enw da / Identity, image and reputation,

o    Iechyd a lles / Health and well-being


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