Digital Resilience Podcast

The GwE Digital Resilience Podcast is now live. You can listen to the episodes here or by searching ‘Digital Resilience’ on your usual podcast platforms. 

Episode 1 – Misinformation

Online news, social media and digital platforms have given us easy access to information and instant connection to the world. However, it has also provided an unregulated space where false or misleading information can spread quickly and cause great harm. This is called Misinformation.

With nearly half of people in Wales now relying on social media for their news, it is important to be aware that there is a lot of inaccurate information online posing as the truth. So the next time you see a news story, image or meme online remember to stop, think and check.

Episode 2 – Staying true to yourself online

Many of us have embraced the rise of social media platforms and this has provided the opportunity to be more connected than ever before. Over 100 million photos are shared on Instagram every day, but given how easy it is to edit photos, sometimes we can feel under pressure to create the best impression of our lives online.

Social media may give the impression that some people are flawless and living their best life all the time, but remember you are only seeing the highlights rather than the full picture. Real life isn’t always perfect.

Don’t be fooled by the filter. Stay true to yourself online.