Myths and Legends

School – Ysgol Glan y Môr, Dwyfor, Gwynedd
Age – B7
Language – Saesneg
Time to complete activities – 7+ awr
Title – Myths and Legends

Description of resource

An comprehensive learning programme on the theme of ‘Myths and Legends’.  Pupils use an You Tube link to listen to the story of the Minotaur before upgrading their vocabulary and writing a description of the minotaur.  This unit was designed so that pupils complete their work digitally and the teacher provides digital feedback and assessment.  The author suggests that teachers question and model effectively before the pupils embark on the main tasks.  Teachers are invited to join a Google Classroom in order to access a complete unit of work on myths and legends.  Activities include the stories of Branwen, St Dwynwen, Gelert, Midas, Cupid, Pandora, Orpheus and Jason.

AOLE – Language literacy and communication

Literacy Skills:

Gwrando am ystyr / Listening for meaning,
Datblygu geirfa / Developing vocabulary,
Gwrando i ddeall / Listening to understand,
Strategaethau darllen / Reading strategies,
Deall, ymateb a dadansoddi / Understanding, response and analysis,
Eglurder a geirfa / Clarity and vocabulary, Geirfa, sillafu, gramadeg / Vocabulary, spelling, grammar,
Cynllunio a threfnu ar gyfer gwahanol ddibenion, cynulledifaoedd a chyd-destunau Planning and organising for different purposes, audiences and context/




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