Introduction to formal elements of Art and Design


  • School – Castell Alun High School
  • Age – KS3
  • Language – English
  • Length of activity – 4-6 hours
  • Title of resource – Introduction to formal elements of Art and Design
  • AOLE – Celfyddydau mynegiannol / Expressive arts
  • Secondary AOLE – Ieithoedd, llythrennedd a chyfathrebu / Language, literacy and communication

This bank of resources focuses on introducing learners to a selection of formal elements used within Art & Design practices. Through the completion of these foundation lessons learners will experience different processes and build confidence in their own capabilities. All activities also encourage students to be resourceful and adaptable when working from home. This scheme of work is concluded with an artist research assignment based on the colourful and imaginative work of contemporary artist Clare Youngs. This task is designed to inspire a creative response and combines all prior knowledge, allowing learners to express their own ideas and opinions about the work of others and further develops 2D making, literacy and independent thinking skills. The unit allows students to be experimental and to use a wide range of materials. They should be encouraged to explore the materials they have at home and to come up with innovative ideas as to the type of materials they could use to produce the work.

Cross Curricular Skills


  • Listening for meaning
  • Developing vocabulary
  • Listening to understand
  • Reading strategies
  • Understanding, response and analysis
  • Questioning
  • Planning and organising for different purposes, audiences and context


  • Numeracy
  • Conceptual understanding
  • Logical reasoning
  • Calculation
  • Shape and space
  • Position
  • Angle


  • Storing and sharing