Handheld game project – Year 7


  • School – St David’s High School
  • Age – KS3
  • Language – English
  • Length of activity – 7+ hour
  • Title of resource – Year 7 Handheld game project
  • AOLE – Gwyddoniaeth a thechnoleg / Science and technology
  • Secondary AOLE – Mathemateg a rhifedd / Mathematics and numeracy

This is a Year 7 Product Design unit of work that focus on the materials area of wood and the sustainability of products within the world. By the end of the unit the students will have designed and manufactured a handheld game made from wood. There are several research topics throughout the unit where pupils will develop Science/Product Design knowledge, greener world, hardwood, softwood, 6R’s…. A booklet runs alongside the PPTs. This means that if pupils miss a lesson, they will know what work they need to complete.

Cross Curricular Skills


  • Listening for meaning
  • Developing vocabulary
  • Listening to understand
  • Understanding, response and analysis
  • Clarity and vocabulary
  • Purpose
  • Collaborative talk
  • Vocabulary, spelling, grammar


  • Conceptual understanding
  • Calculation
  • Measurement
  • Shape and space
  • Position
  • Representing data


  • Health and well-being,
  • Communication,
  • Problem solving and modelling