Germany – 1919-1939 ( Revision work)

School – Ysgol y Grango, Wrexham
Age– Year 10
Language – English
Time needed to complete the tasks: 7+  hour
Title of the resource – Germany – 1919-1939 ( Revision work)

Description of the resource

A five week revision challenge which encourages the pupils to focus on one topic each week as they learn to recall prior knowledge.  The resource includes links to online quizzes, revision tasks on the key personalities of the period and optional extension tasks.  Learners are encouraged to watch documentaries on BBC iPlayer, listen to podcasts and prepare personal revision aids such as flash cards, a revision clock and a podcast.

GCSE Course

History U1


Literacy: Via research tasks, flash card creation, reading and comprehension

ICT/Digital: On line quizzes, listening to podcasts, creating own podcasts


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Germany - 1919-1939 ( Revision work)