Examples of blended learning activities – Foundation Phase

All activities to be planned and delivered in line with current operational guidance and school’s risk assessment.

Refer to Considerations for Foundation Phase as guide if needed.


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Nursery and Reception - At home (Video Clips)

Clear step by step instructions should be provided for every activity sent home, unless they are self-explanatory. We have exemplified some activities. Please click on the links below.



SINGING AND MOVING – Practise the rhyme with both hand and body movements indoors and outdoors.

COUNTING FORWARDS AND BACKWARDS FROM 5 AND 10. – Provide a pack of objects to practise counting up to and back from 5 or 10, one more and one less.

CHANGE THE WORDS OF THE RHYME – Change the words to the rhyme. Choose an animal or a toy that makes a noise. Encourage the children to make their own choices.

GUESS THE ANIMAL – Play – Guess the animal. Describe pictures of different animals.

CREATE A POND – Make a pond for the ducks to swim in. This can be used with ducks made in creative activity to practise counting.



MOVE LIKE A DUCK – Moving like a duck – waving the arms, bending the knees, wiggling your bottom, bending the knees slightly, feet out. Add the moves to the rhyme when the child remembered the song well. Sing the song with the moves and upload the video on the learning platform.

CREATE A PUPPET – Make a puppet like a duck with a sock. Putting the hand inside the puppet, practising singing the song or having a conversation with another puppet friend.

FOLLOW THE LEADER – Play follow the leader at home with family and friends – video instructions required. (See video made at school)

CREATE A NEST – Create a nest using any materials e.g. towels, socks or outdoors using twigs, mud, leaves and stones for a given number of ducks e.g. 4 nests for 4 ducks.

CREATE SMALL DUCKS – Create small ducks using everyday recyclable materials e.g. a cut up an egg box. Attach wings and a beak made out of card . Use these with the dough activity to practice counting and singing the rhyme.

SING A RHYME – Sing the rhyme with a loud voice and a quiet voice. Keep practising keeping a steady beat e.g. quack, quack, quack i.e. 1, 2, 3 1, 2, 3. Can you speed and slow down whilst keeping a steady beat. Think about other animals and the sounds they make. Change the words of the song and the sound to make new verses to the song.

COUNTING OBJECTS – Collect up to 5 or 10 objects (toys / utensils) around the home. Practise counting the number of objects. When ready, practice saying one more / one less saying the number.

WATER SLIDE – Create a slide for the little ducks. Remember to make it as slippery as possible.

Year 1 and 2 - At home (Video Clips)

Clear step by step instructions should be provided for every activity sent home, unless they are self-explanatory. We have exemplified some activities.



CREATE A METRE STICK – Create your own metre stick, mark by every 10cm. Use a metre stick to look for things that are longer / shorter / about the same size as one meter.

OVER ARM THROWING GAME – Who can throw the furthest? Select an object to throw and measure the distance.

CHARADES – Describe a character and what they would do. What part of the story is being described?

RECREATE A FRONT COVER – Why not recreate the cover of your favorite book / story?

STICK JOURNEY – Take a walk, choose a stick and add objects to your stick describing your journey.

CREATE A STORY MAP – Choose your favourite story. Create a story map or use loose pieces, retell the story / part of the story and record it.

EXPRESS THEIR FEELINGS – Use objects to convey your feelings and talk with your family.

CREATE A NATURE MOBILE – Create a nature mobile. Measure in 10cm to ensure the same amount of space between the objects.



COLLECT OBJECTS – Measure and place different objects 1m apart. Make sure to place a marker as a starting point. You can choose e.g. skipping, hopping, running and retrieving each object one at a time, running back to the starting position and placing them in the basket.

CREATE A MASK – Choose a character from the story ‘The Little Red Riding Hood’ and create a mask to wear to act out the story. Measure around your head.

CREATE A STICK FRAME – How about creating a frame out of sticks? What do you see within your frame? You can choose to put an image/ painting or collage into your frame.

DAWNS Y DAIL (THE LEAF DANCE) Dawns y Dail (The Leaf Dance) Can you create your own dance? Why not listen and dance to the song on Cyw?