Comparing Development

School – Ysgol Botwnnog
Age – KS3
Language – English
Length of activity – 1-3 hours
AOLE – Humanities

This is a task completed over two lessons following the themes of Development. The idea is to compare Ghana’s development with up to four other countries, though this can be adjusted. It gives pupils the opportunity to choose their own indicators of development and the countries they are comparing with. The first Power Point guides them through this process. This spreadsheet allows them to lay out the information in a graphical way. The second presentation sets out to explain how to write a report on their findings.

Developing vocabulary,
Reading strategies,
Understanding, response and analysis,
Vocabulary, spelling, grammar

Conceptual understanding,
Logical reasoning,
Relationships within the number system,
Collecting data,
Representing data,
Interpreting data,

Storing and sharing,
Sourcing, searching and planning digital content,
Creating digital content,