Various Quizzes (Microsoft Forms)

School – Ysgol Glan y Mor, Dwyfor, Gwynedd
Age – KS3 and KS4
Language – Welsh and English
Time needed to complete the activities – 7+ hours
Resource title – Various Quizzes (Microsoft Forms)

Description of resource

Various quizzes for “Microsoft Forms” to help pupils practice their numeracy and revision skills. You can use the ‘Duplicate it’ button to use the quizzes in your schools. The resource contains links to the following quizzes:

· Standard form

· Meaningful Figures.

· Nth Term

· Substitution in algebra

· Fractions, decimals and equivalent percentages

· Use multipliers with percentages.

· Changing Units (mixed)

· Changing Units (mm, cm, m, km)

· Multiply and divide negative numbers.

· Polygon Angles

· Collect algebra terms

· Equivalent fractions

· Multiply and divide decimals by 10, 100 and 1000

· Negative Numbers

· Number Quiz

· The Maths Christmas Quiz

· Percentages

· Ratios

· Rounding

· Meaningful Figure

Area of ​​Learning and Experience

Mathematics and Numeracy




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Various Quizzes (Microsoft Forms)