Classical Composers

School – Ysgol Dinas Bran
Age – KS3
Language – English
Length of activity – 4-6 hours
AOLE – Expressive Arts

These are simple research tasks in both PPT and PDF for iconic Classical Composer and their most famous pieces of music. I had tracks ready for learners to listen to on the said composer, these could be added as YouTube links on your schools digital platforms. As a class we discuss the differences from previous composers in comparison to the most recent research task. There are optional drawing tasks just for fun, but it’s really just about developing awareness of those different style in classical music as well as terminology and how to use this new vocabulary. I strongly encourage learners to develop their musical opinions as well by including as much about the musical elements as possible when answering if they like the composer’s style of not.

Developing vocabulary,
Reading strategies, Understanding, response and analysis,
Clarity and vocabulary,
Vocabulary, spelling, grammar,
Proofreading, editing and improving

Sourcing, searching and planning digital content,
Creating digital content,
Problem solving and modelling