Christmas / Celebrities in the Castle – Blended learning resources

Two bilingual blended learning Google Classrooms called ‘Christmas’ and ‘Celebrities in the Castle’ are available for KS2 teachers. They offer opportunities to develop Literacy, Numeracy and Digital skills. There are links with Accelerated Learning models available on the GwE Support Centre and the 4 Curriculum for Wales purposes.

You may find this collection of activities useful. They are not coherent themes, but a collection of blended learning units from which to pick and choose.

The Christmas classroom includes a combination of digital and traditional activities. See the class entry codes below.

If you would like a teacher copy of the classes, there is a link within the classes under the heading ‘Introduction’. Follow the ‘Apply for a teacher copy’ instructions.

The codes for the new classes are:

Nadolig / Christmas (kei6znf)

Enwogion yn y Castell / Celebrities in the Castle (w2h755h)