BTEC Music Unit 4 Introducing Composition: Horror Music

School – Ysgol Emrys ap Iwan, Conwy

Age– Year 10 and 11
Language – English
Time needed to complete the tasks: 1  hour
Title of the resource – BTEC Music Unit 4 Introducing Composition: Horror Music

Description of the resource

The author uses the interactive Nearpod platform to show how musical elements can be used effectively to create horror music. Learners are encouraged to respond to prompt questions and a series of video clips, to show their understanding of articulated sounds and dynamics and to use sampled sounds in their compositions.  This structured approach leads to a final open ended question. The author suggests that students should have the theoretical knowledge beforehand so that they can then apply it in a practical way.

BTEC Music Unit 4:  Introducing Composition


Digital Competence: Use of interactive platform to answer questions; use of DAW to create music.


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