Bean 8 Lessons


  • School – Ysgol Aberconwy
    Contact Email –
    Age – KS3 Year 8
    Language – English
    Length of activity – 7+ hours
    AOLE – Expressive art

Description including blended learning activities

BEAN – A 8 lesson KS3 Drama/Performing Arts Scheme
This is a drama study on movement, facial expression and use of non-verbal communication when bringing a character to life. The project studies Mr Bean and focuses how he uses movement and facial expressions to express meaning, bring humour and entertain. The project uses a series of information sheets that can be held on a schools digital platform and references digital material that can be access from the internet.

Cross Curricular Skills

Listening for meaning,
Developing vocabulary,
Listening to understand,
Understanding, response and analysis, Purpose, Collaborative talk, Questioning
Logical reasoning
Communication, Collaboration, Sourcing, searching and planning digital content

Image - "Mr. Bean passport" by bdeckmyn is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0