Are the 10 commandments still important today?


  • School – Ysgol GwE
  • Age – Year 7-9 although the more mature the learner to better the outcomes
  • Language – English
  • Length of activity – 4-6 hours

Description including blended learning activities

‘Are the 10 Commandments still important today?’ is a pupil led project exploring humanities understanding of authority, rules and laws. Pupils work through a series of activities and suggested tasks as they design, undertake and reflect on a research project to explore the projects title ‘are the 10 commandments still relevant today?’ The project centres around an interactive power point with suggested activities including the suggested use of further digital platforms such as google docs, sheets and forms. Make the ppt available on your digital platforms. The PPT makes use of ‘triggers’ and they will only work if the PPT is ‘presented’ in PowerPoint. Pupils will need to be able to access their office 365 accounts from Hwb – it will not work on google slides.

Cross Curricular Skills


  • Gofyn cwestiynau / Questioning


  • Rhifedd / Numeracy
  • Casglu data / Collecting data
  • Cynrychioli data / Representing data
  • Dehongli data / Interpreting data


  • Cyfathrebu / Communication
  • Cyrchu, chwilio a chynllunio cynnwys digidol / Sourcing, searching and planning digital content