Accelerating Skills Model – Foundation Phase


This Accelerating Skills model is designed to sit within your current overall Blended Learning model and be used to accelerate specific isolated skills that the pupils may need to help them access the rest of their learning. It is designed to be initially taught by the teacher in school, as a directed activity and then practised and consolidated within enhanced and continuous provision in school or at home, to promote independent mastery of the skill. The sections are flexible, and could be delivered in school or at home, with only moderate amendments needed and could be accessed fully by those learners who are at home every day. The level of skill can be differentiated and adapted by the teacher and the context/text can be changed for any relevant alternative.


Foundation Phase provision needs to consider:-

· Identify any possible developmental delay or additional learning need through observation.

· Differentiate the provision and adult interactions in the provision to support the needs of all pupils.

· Plan support and intervention for a specific skill that is showing a developmental delay.

· Targeted skill development will need to take place within holistic learning experiences.

· Observation feeds the class planning, including focus tasks taught in school within provision both indoors and outdoors and practised at home in a practical manner with available everyday resources/pack sent from school.

· Targeted skills for individuals should be modelled for the parents in order for them to complete the activities that are sent home. These practical activities will consolidate the targeted skill to ensure progression in learning.

· The accelerated learning model sits within the blended learning model. See colour coded activities in exemplification below. Highlighted yellow – in school. Highlighted brown – at home. Following blended learning model



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Accelerating Skills Model - Nursery and Reception
Accelerating Skills Model - Year 2