Embedding the 12 Pedagogical Principles into everyday practice (Spring 2021)

Embedding the 12 Pedagogical Principles into everyday practice in Foundation Phase and Year 3.

It is essential to watch the presentation before viewing the videos of the learning experiences which exemplify the 12 pedagogical principles.

The aims of this training:-

  • Develop an understanding of the theories and research about child development and learning, relevant to planning and day to day practice.
  • How  to effectively plan the learning environment, both indoors and outdoors to deliver the 12 pedagogical principles and four purposes of the curriculum for Wales.
  • Using the provision effectively to develop pupil’s literacy, numeracy and digital skills.


There are 9 videos of different learning experiences with accompanying notes.


Click on the titles to expand

Rivers and Flooding
Pumps, Sponges, Mops and Syphons
The Longest Squirt
Pendulum Art
Musical Water
Making Iced Granitas
Fountains and Wells
Water Presentation by Arfona Evans

This presentation includes a list of suggested resources for the water area, both indoors and outdoors, a range of possible learning experiences, including problem solving activities and a list of relevant books and stories.