Tectonic Landscapes and Hazards

School – Ysgol Friars, Gwynedd
Age– Year 10 and Year 11
Language – English
Time needed to complete the tasks: 7+  hours
Title of the resource – Theme 3 Tectonic Landscapes and Hazards

Description of the resource

A workbook for pupils which describes the distribution, characteristics and impact of volcanic and earthquake activity.  Case studies include Eyjafjallajökull (2010)  Tohoku (2011), Nepal (2015).  Learners are encouraged to use video links, to annotate diagrams, to analyse and interpret data and to undertake individual research.  The resource includes guidance on developing a challenging enquiry question and examples of examination questions.   The author notes that the booklet would need teacher direction and that pupils should be advised to a certain number of pages prior to an online lesson.


GCSE Course

Geography Higher and Foundation


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Tectonic landscapes and hazards