Tectonic Hazards


  • School – St David’s High School
  • Age – KS3
  • Language – English
  • Length of activity – 7+ hours
  • Title of resource – Tectonic Hazards
  • AOLE – Humanities

The unit of work looks at the structure of the earth and why tectonic plates move. Different types of tectonic plates and their make up. The cause of volcanic eruptions are explored followed by the effects and responses. It is a series of presentation slides that could be uploaded to any schools digital platform.

Cross Curricular Skills


  • Developing vocabulary,
  • Reading strategies,
  • Understanding, response and analysis,
  • Clarity and vocabulary,
  • Questioning,
  • Vocabulary, spelling, grammar,
  • Connectives and syntax,
  • Proofreading, editing and improving


  • Logical reasoning


  • Communication,
  • Storing and sharing,
  • Sourcing, searching and planning digital content,
  • Creating digital content,
  • Problem solving and modelling
Image - "Kilauea Volcano at Mauna Ulu" by Image Editor is licensed under CC BY 2.0


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