School – Ysgol Maesglas

Age – Years 3 and 4

Length of activity – 7+hours

AOLE – Language, literacy and communication, Health and wellbeing


2 week unit of work focusing on a variety of sporting activities and healthy lifestyle choices. The literacy focuses is on the non-fiction process of diary writing and newspaper reports. The numeracy focus is on time, measuring time and data handling.


Cross curricular skills


  • Strategaethau darllen / Reading strategies,
  • Diben / Purpose,
  • Geirfa, sillafu, gramadeg / Vocabulary, spelling, grammar,
  • Atalnodi / Punctuation


  • Mathemateg a rhifedd / Mathematics and numeracy


  • Casglu data / Collecting data,
  • Cynrychioli data / Representing data,
  • Dehongli data / Interpreting data