Picasso and cubism, research and analysis


  • School – Elfed High School, Fflint
  • Age– Blwyddyn 10, 11,
  • Language – English
  • Time needed to complete the tasks: 4-6 hours
  • Title of the resource – Picasso and Cubism, Research and Analysis

Description of the resource

A series of activities designed to develop pupils’ understanding of Cubism and their research and analysis of exemplar artworks. The booklet for pupils includes question prompts, word banks and writing frames to help candidates structure their research, identify the historical context of the artwork and write descriptions, interpretations, judgements and comparisons. The presentations allow the pupils to focus on Picasso’s ‘Bust of a Woman’ (1944), but they are also encouraged to study other works by Picasso: Weeping Woman, Portrait of Ambroise Vollard, The Guitar Player and Portrait of Wilhelm Uhde. The author suggests that teachers use the visualiser to model work.

GCSE Course

Art and Design, Unit 1