Numeracy GCSE Intermediate Level Unit 1


School – Ysgol Syr Thomas Jones, Ynys Môn
Age– Year 10 and 11
Language – English  
Time needed to complete the tasks: 4-6  hours
Title of the resource – May 2017 Numeracy GCSE Intermediate Level Unit 1

A series of 12 video clips, each focussing on solving the 12 questions of the 2017 examination paper.  The teacher suggests that students could attempt each question from the exam paper and use the video clips to self-assess the solution to each question or watch the video at home before a face to face lesson.

GCSE Course

Mathematics Numeracy Unit 1

Cross Curricular Skills

Literacy: Reading the command words in the questions, understanding the terminology and understanding the literacy used in the model solutions.

Numeracy: Using mathematics in every day life where numeracy is essential.




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