Ma Ville – Where I live

School – Ysgol Rhiwabon   

Age – KS3

Language – English

Length of activity – 1-3 hours

Title of resource –  Ma ville – Where I live/ 

AOLE –  Ieithoedd, llythrennedd a chyfathrebu / Language, literacy and communication (French)


Description including blended learning activities

Two French lessons to run one after the other. The first lesson has the learning intention “I can say what there is in my town” the 2nd is “I can say what there is not in my town”.  The resource consists of PowerPoint presentations as well as links to other websites.  Answers are also included for pupils to assess their own learning. 

Cross Curricular

–      Literacy

o     Datblygu geirfa / Developing vocabulary,

o    Strategaethau darllen / Reading strategies,

o    Eglurder a geirfa / Clarity and vocabulary,

o    Geirfa, sillafu, gramadeg / Vocabulary, spelling, grammar,

o    Cysyllteiriau a chystrawen / Connectives and syntax,

o    Atalnodi / Punctuation


–      Digital

o    Cyfathrebu / Communication,

o    Datrys problemau a modelu / Problem solving and modelling