Holes – Louis Sachar


  • School – Ysgol Llanddulas
  • Age – Suitable for Years 5 and 6
  • Language – English
  • Length of activity – 10-15 hours

This resource is designed to consolidate and support pupils’ understanding and enjoyment of the novel Holes by Louis Sachar. It has numerous activities which children can follow independently and with very few additional resources required eg, drawing, colouring materials and access to the internet for research. Activities are in the main, Language and Literacy focused, based on the book; for example looking at cause and effect. Furthermore, there are a number creative/art activities, map-making geography tasks as well as internet research activities. Health and Wellbeing are touched upon with a focus on bullying which is an aspect covered in the novel.

Cross Curricular Skills


  • Exploring cause and effect
  • Analysing and writing a letter
  • Expressing feelings

Digital Competence

  • Internet research


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