Garden Birds


School – Ysgol Llanbedr
Age – Year 3- 6
Language – English
Length of activity – 4-6 hours

AOLE 1 Science and Technology

AOLE 2 Language, Literacy and Communication

Description including blended learning activities

A set of activities for pupils who are studying birdlife in our gardens. Activities include counting and tallying and recognising.  This pack contains tasks and activities which will complement their learning.

Cross curricular skills


  •  Datblygu geirfa / Developing vocabulary,
  • Deall, ymateb a dadansoddi / Understanding, response and analysis,
  • Diben / Purpose



  • Y system rif /The number system,
  • Casglu data / Collecting data,
  • Cynrychioli data / Representing data,
  • Dehongli data / Interpreting data


  • Llythrennedd gwybodaeth a data / Data and information literacy