Effect of exercise on heart rate

​School – Ysgol Eirias
Age – KS3
Language – English
Length of activity – 1-3 awr / 1-3 hours

Title of resource – Effect of exercise on heart rate.

AOLE – Gwyddoniaeth a thechnoleg / Science and technology

Secondary AOLE – Iechyd a lles / Health and wellbeing

Description including blended learning activities

Pupils are guided to find their pulse and measure resting heart rate. They then predict the effect a moderate amount of exercise would have on this, and then to plan a short exercise activity that would allow them to measure and record any changes in heart rate. After planning it, pupils were asked to perform the exercise, record the data, plot a graph of it, and complete a basic analysis. Pupils are expected to link the experimental evidence they had produced to earlier work on the role of the heart and circulatory systems. Support pupils recording and presenting the data with instructional videos or demonstrate these on live lessons allowing pupil to ask questions or demonstrate their progress.

Cross Curricular


Datblygu geirfa / Developing vocabulary,
Gwrando i ddeall / Listening to understand,
Deall, ymateb a dadansoddi / Understanding, response and analysis


Rhifedd / Numeracy


o Datrys problemau a modelu / Problem solving and modelling


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