GwE Professional Offer 2020-21

GwE’s professional offer is a streamlined version and concentrates on five main areas namely Wellbeing, The Reform Journey, Developing the Workforce, Accelerating Learning and Digital Learning. The offer continues to provide professional learning opportunities for all staff, from teaching assistants wanting to achieve Higher Level Teaching Assistants qualification, to a developmental programme for strategic heads. The offer has now been adapted to allow for digital delivery in the form of live sessions, webinar presentations, and recordings of live sessions. This ensures flexibility so that you, as practitioners, can access Professional Learning at a time that suits both you and your school.

The offer will also be tailored to the specific requirements of clusters and schools that are collaborating. Following a discussion with the Supporting Improvement Adviser, the cluster will be able to identify a flexible Professional Learning Programme bespoke to the catchment area. This will serve as a golden opportunity for catchment areas to develop a localized Curriculum and also strengthen the aspect of being self-improving schools through effective collaboration. This will ensure that training is based on the principles of Schools as Learning Organisations.

GwE’s professional offer has been designed to respond to individual development on the classroom floor, to respond to whole school aspects, to support clusters of schools, and to respond to Local Authority needs. The provision is based on Supporting Improvement Advisers’ robust knowledge of their individual schools, on the needs of specific clusters, Local Authorities’ aspirations, and national priorities.

The principles of Curriculum for Wales are embedded in all training and the four curriculum purposes are always at the forefront of presenters’ minds, as they set about planning relevant, up-to-date and engaging training.

As part of GwE’s professional learning offer across the educational transformation agenda, we will continue to use an integrated approach to tie-in all aspects. We will also continue to support and further develop collaboration across clusters by looking at the 3-16 continuum. By working closely with leaders, we will identify resources and professional learning areas of learning to include the 12 Pedagogical Principles within the wider context of teaching and learning, assessment, and curriculum design and planning at a school level.


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GwE Professional Offer 2020-21