Since September 2021, GwE, working collaboratively with schools across the region, have established local and regional Curriculum for Wales networks. Over 700 school practitioners are involved working within the following groups:

  • Curriculum Design
  • Progression and Assessment
  • Areas of Learning and Experience:
    • Language, Literacy and Communication (both Welsh and English)
    • Mathematics and Numeracy
    • Science & Technology
    • Humanities
    • Health and Wellbeing
    • Expressive Arts

The Curriculum for Wales Networks will work in partnership with Professor Graham Donaldson, GwE and the six North Wales Local Authorities to:

  • Contribute to regional and local planning, designing and sharing of curriculum practice.
  • Work collaboratively with a group of peers supporting curriculum design on a local level and support AOLE development on a regional level.
  • Communicate and cascade learning and successful practice across the schools within the local authority.
  • Support the development of a consistent and inclusive common programme of Professional Learning around curriculum design and assessment within AOLEs.
  • Contribute to developing planning and design models to support schools in trialling, evaluating and preparing the workforce for first teaching.
  • Ensure appropriate cohesiveness and capacity to provide high quality regional resources in this area.
  • Support the development of the Regional Strategy for North Wales.

The work of the networks is fully aligned to the expectations detailed within the Curriculum for Wales: The journey to 2022 document and represent the principles within of co-construction, pedagogy and engagement with professional learning and expertise.