Professional Learning

GwE has worked with the other regional consortia to develop a national professional learning offer that integrates all aspects of the wider reform including Schools as Learning Organisations, Cymraeg and Additional Learning Transformational Bill. This cross regional offer, aimed at supporting all practitioners with the school, began engaging with Senior Leaders in Spring term 2021. Each of the themes found here have a presentation and recording, along with an accompanying handbook to support further discussion.

During this academic year of 2021-22, we will continue to develop the Professional Learning offer to support all middle leaders and teachers with focus on the following themes:

  • Engaging with the Curriculum of Wales framework​
  • Engaging with the AoLE​
  • Thinking about AoLE vision​
  • Engaging with wider reform elements​
  • Reflections on pedagogy​
  • Curriculum design – pedagogy including cognitive science ​
  • Curriculum design – planning for progression and assessment                            ​
  • Curriculum design – role of enquiry​
  • Curriculum design – making connections within and across AOLEs​
  • Curriculum design – cross cutting themes, integral skills​